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Oh Boy

July 22nd, 2010 at 06:15 am

Being a homeowner is for the birds. No it just is frustrating right now. I thought I had my water in the basement solved but i don't. I went down last night to start the new floor and noticed water again. I ended up cutting a hold in about an eight foot section of drywall to see where the trouble is. I found where the water is getting into the basement, I'm just not sure how it's getting there now.

My next task is to cut the whole wall out and wait and watch. I'm starting to wonder if it's not my gutters in the back. My dad is a mason and he is going to come take a look at it. For that to happen is a story in itself, my family isn't getting along to well with me. Short story not happy with my choice of a women, since she's still going through a divorce. Should of waited, well i didn't no we hardly speak.

I was hoping to have the basement finished by this weekend because I'm throwing a birthday party for my girlfriends daughter. That isn't going to happen.

My stress level is extremely high right now, with the party, home repairs, money. I'm searching for techniques but can't seem to find any.

I'll update soon on where I'm at with my projects, debt, life....

AC Woes Cont

July 9th, 2010 at 06:03 am

Well I had Central Heating Cooling at my home for close to two hours yesterday. In terms that I couldn't understand he told me what was happening and why it was hardly cool in my home. Apparently the dohicky that sprays the thingamajig was bad, so replacing the gizmatrodle will help.

Also the blower kept shutting off on us, happened with the tech there too. That he said is due to a bad thermostat. He said he could replace it. I declined though, why pay someone close to $200 for something you can do yourself.

So I ran to walmart and picked up a new one for $50 bucks. I'll report back on weather or not I blew myself up. haha!